Next generation diagnostics

Ellume was founded during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic by Dr Sean Parsons. Working as a physician in an emergency department, he faced a lack of fast, accurate diagnostic tests that were essential in reducing transmission and enabling early treatment.

Through its technical innovations, Ellume has developed, manufactured, and commercialized the next generation of rapid, highly accurate and affordable digital diagnostic products.

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ellume lab device

Patented platform technology

Ellume has developed a new way of rapidly diagnosing infectious diseases by creating a suite of disposable test cartridges which measure, analyze and transmit results.

Ellume’s patented detection method uses unique fluorescent nanoparticles and a sophisticated reader system to achieve accurate results within minutes. Ellume creates efficiencies using the platform technology across a range of diagnostic tests for consumers, healthcare professionals at the point of care and high-throughput laboratories.

The company’s strategy of using digital technology at the core of its products has enabled Ellume to create better ways of diagnosing illness, linking to optimal therapy and adding digital value for customers.

Ellume optical technology